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It’s that time of year when the most common question asked of any astrologer or psychic is, what’s going to happen in the world next year? Just for fun, I am going to start a blog series on the very topic. Consider this your latest discussion series in what Norah Guide’s predictions are for the year ahead. Keep in mind, I am not the type to parlay in parlour trickery, so let’s just have fun with it and not take too much too seriously, shall we? Today Norah Guide is going to provide 2013 predictions for what she thinks will happen with some celebrities and current events. View full article »

We at Premium Astrology and Norah Guide hope that you all have been having a wonderful holiday season. Norah Guide has started a discussion here on the aspects, elements, and qualities, and today we are going to explore this further. Today’s discussion is going to break down the zodiac a little bit, and help define for you the difference between the qualities, fixed signs, cardinal signs, and mutable signs. You may have heard in a reading in the past that you are a fixed sign, and so this means such and such, or you are a cardinal sign, and this means such and such. Our zodiac is arranged by the elements Air, Earth, Water, and Fire. There are three signs in each of the elements, and each of those signs is one of fixed, mutable, or cardinal qualities. Here we explore this notion further. View full article »

Norah Guide and all of us at Premium Astrology would like to extend our deepest sympathies and condolences to those grieving and mourning the tragic and senseless loss of life in Newtown, Connecticut. If you have been following my Tumblr blog, you know, predicting a tragedy is not something I am in the business of doing. I am, as we all are, as deeply saddened, stunned, and shaken by the recent events that have shocked this country, and the world, as you all are. My love is offered to every one suffering, and loving those that need it most during this time is the best path for healing. But, as you can imagine, I am often asked, how could someone in the business of predictions not know this was going to happen? My simple answer to that is, free will. It is not something anyone can predict.

But at the same time, we all are asking why. Could there have been ANYTHING in the astrology that could have seen this? Is there ANYTHING that can even help us understand a little better. That is exactly what I am going to discuss today. Let’s keep a realistic perspective on this one though folks. All I can do is offer you the planetary information on suggestions that may have had an effect on this horrific event. I can not tell you why, nobody can. A man at the highest level of authority in law enforcement in the United States who has seen and understood some of the most horrific crimes to ever occur spoke on 60 minutes days after the fact and even he is stumped. We all are. There is no easy answer to such a horrible tragedy. But for those of you that may be comforted by an astrological perspective, this is what I can offer you today. View full article »

When it comes to the field of astrology, there is so much to know about it. If you have received your birth or natal chart, or read an extensive astrological report on your birth chart, or read details of others, in all likelihood you have seen or heard some terms that confuse you. Sometimes we just gloss over these terms not thinking too much of them, until it dawns on us that perhaps knowing these terms would give us more clarity on our charts and in our lives. It would. But it is more helpful information rather than necessary information. Today Norah Guide is going to help you get some clarity on some of this information, by discussing one of those terms, the Ascendant Sign. View full article »

If you have had your natal chart done or follow my Tumblr blog for the daily astrological forecast, then you might be confused by some of the terminology. What does it mean when a sign is fixed? What does it mean when a planet is trining another? What is a conjunction of planets and why is this troublesome? Norah Guide is going to take the confusion and chaos out of that today by going through some of the basics of astrology terms with you today. View full article »

Well the world has received some absolutely wonderful news this week in the midst of all of the uncertainty swirling around. The Royal Couple is having a baby! Our express congratulations out to Prince William and the ever so lovely Duchess of Cambridge. Norah Guide is predicting a very healthy baby, but a bumpy road ahead for Duchess Kate, and not just in the way of a bump watch I might add. But we do know this already, as this news has come a little earlier than the Palace likes to confess. Were it not for a hospital admission due to horrific morning sickness, this matter would still be kept as private as ever until the safe time had passed. Even so, Kate will deliver a very healthy offspring to add to the Royal line, but she her pregnancy is going to be anything but easy. But no matter of life in the Royal Family can be easy, no? Interested in hearing Norah Guide’s Royal Couple baby predictions? View full article »

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