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We are at our last installment of the 2013 predictions, this promises to be a turning point year for many people, many countries. Profound and lasting change is in the works for many. Today I want to turn our predictions to world health news. It seems our world health makes news in some way every day, what does 2013 have in store? As I write this, a massive country wide flu epidemic is wreaking havoc on the United States and Canada. What else is in store for our world health this year? View full article »

We continue our discussion series on 2013 predictions, a fun little way to make guesses and hunches on what will happen in the year ahead. I started last week with some fun celeb predictions, and I have more in store for later in the series. Today though we will turn to politics. Is anybody tired of hearing about politics? Who isn’t. But it’s fun to make predictions about what will happen this year, could we possibly have a year more exciting than last years election year? Well, let’s have a look. View full article »

Well the world has received some absolutely wonderful news this week in the midst of all of the uncertainty swirling around. The Royal Couple is having a baby! Our express congratulations out to Prince William and the ever so lovely Duchess of Cambridge. Norah Guide is predicting a very healthy baby, but a bumpy road ahead for Duchess Kate, and not just in the way of a bump watch I might add. But we do know this already, as this news has come a little earlier than the Palace likes to confess. Were it not for a hospital admission due to horrific morning sickness, this matter would still be kept as private as ever until the safe time had passed. Even so, Kate will deliver a very healthy offspring to add to the Royal line, but she her pregnancy is going to be anything but easy. But no matter of life in the Royal Family can be easy, no? Interested in hearing Norah Guide’s Royal Couple baby predictions? View full article »

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To say that this has been a tough week for many Americans would be an understatement of epic proportions. You had the Full Moon, a Frankenstorm, and the winding days of a Presidential election to boot. Can you say stressed much? There were some definite cosmic reactions throughout all of this, and these are going to lead to some long term repercussions as well. Both in life in general, and in the Presidential campaign. Every news reporter is asking this question this morning, did Hurricane Sandy, or CAN Hurricane Sandy, effect the election results? Only time will tell but here are my thoughts.

For starters, yes it most definitely can. We saw that with the George Bush spectacle when Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005. What do the stars say about this though? Campaigning was put on hold for the hurricane, thankfully, otherwise it would have been very easy to say who would win. Both candidates are trying to make up ground quickly though.

When it comes to election night, November 6, there will be a lot of upheaval if for no other reason than Mercury will go into retrograde on the same day. Don’t be surprised if the election is not “won” by the stroke of 12, ballots will go missing, calculating the ballots will take longer than usual, and things in general requiring organization will be stunted to some degree. How much that impacts the night remains to be seen. Keep an eye on my social media feeds for updates!

As well, Sagittarius will be in retrograde, this is going to affect Romney’s status house, and Obama’s ego house. Both of them will not be able to avoid taking hits in some way shape or form. At the same time, the Sun will be in Scorpio, which is where Romney’s truth house is held, and Obama’s career house is held. Interesting. This suggests to me that the issue of honesty, authenticity, and truth will be the most important issue on election day. So it boils down to, which candidate has been the most honest, this is the one that the stars favor to win, as this night will be a big night of karma for both candidates.

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How the planets line up for the Holmes-Cruise divorce

Besides being a powerful tool for self-understanding and personal growth, astrology also offers us a lens for viewing everything from history to the current political landscape and even the part of the news that falls under the heading of celebrity gossip.  A recent item in this category, the Katie Holmes-Tom Cruise divorce, caught my eye because it seems like manifestation of the powerful Uranus-Pluto square now taking place.

Intrigued, I did a bit more research, including looking up the natal charts of the people involved.  Here is what I found about the astrology of these this story:


Katie Holmes’ natal chart and transits

Katie Holmes recently announced that she is divorcing Tom Cruise.  The stories I read online speculated that the timing of the action is related to Holmes wanting to prevent her daughter from being schooled by the Church of Scientology.  Katie Holmes was born on December 18, 1978 at 9:32 pm in Toledo, Ohio, giving her a Sagittarius Sun and a Leo Moon in her 12th house only 5 degrees from her Leo Ascendant.  When looking closely at issues of relationships, I like to use the goddess asteroids as these intensify the focus on that area.

A glance at Katie’s chart reveals that transiting Uranus sits near the edge of her 8th house of shared resources and secrets, almost on the border of her ninth house, related both to courts and religion.  Pluto, meanwhile, is transiting her fifth house of children and, at 8 degrees, conjuncts both her natal Mars (4 degrees) and her natal Pallas (13 degrees), the asteroid connecting to the warrior queen energy of the goddess Pallas Athene.  Transiting Pallas, meanwhile, is conjunct transiting Uranus, so it is squaring its natal position in her chart.

This seems to confirm that the celebrity gossip columns are correct—that Katie is taking action to protect her daughter.  On an astrological level, she seems to have been spurred to the divorce by the Uranus-Pluto square.  She seems to have very good instincts or a good astrological advisor as well as a good lawyer counseling her about timing the divorce.  With Jupiter and Venus both transiting her tenth house of reputation, public opinion seems to side with her.  The asteroids also transiting this house in her chart speak of the reasons people feel sympathy for her:  Ceres, which relates to motherhood as well as Sedna, whose energy reveals issues of victimization.

With today’s Full Moon at 12 Capricorn one degree away from Holmes’ natal Pallas, there are bound to be further revelations about this case emerging soon.  However, the July 15-August 8 Mercury retrograde in Leo will take place in her 12th house, near her natal Jupiter and moving backwards over her natal Lilith, so there are likely to be attempts to smear her.

Feel free to share your thoughts on the astrological angle of this story in the comments section, or to suggest a story you’d like me to write about from the perspective of astrology.


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