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Happy Full Moon day friends, I hope you have an exciting day planned. If you have been following my Tumblr blog then you have read how to handle this Full Moon in Sagittarius, along with the Lunar Eclipse that we have in conjunction with this Moon. Today’s Moon is one that has the potential to truly energize the psychic energy, so you want to use this to your fullest potential. The best part is that you will also be able to do so all through the weekend, as this energy is not going to subside for at least 48 hours after this evening. Be sure you are following my About Me page and my Pinterest boards as well over the weekend as I will be posting Full Moon love spells as well that you can use all weekend long. You don’t want to miss it! But what specifically is the Full Moon in Sagittarius about, and how can we use these qualities to our fullest advantage this weekend? Let’s get to it. View full article »


Hello friends, I hope that you all have been enjoying the lucky Jupiter series. Have you found out where Jupiter is in your own chart yet? Knowing where Jupiter falls in your birth or natal chart, and also in your solar return chart will help you to discover where your lucky areas in life are. In your solar return your Jupiter placement will probably be different than in your birth chart, but will highlight your lucky areas of life this year alone. It’s always exciting to know where our luck in life will fall. Today we are going to wrap up the Jupiter series by looking at Jupiter in the tenth house, Jupiter in the eleventh house, and Jupiter in the twelfth house. What does it mean if Jupiter is found here? Well, let’s find out. View full article »

We are at our last installment of the 2013 predictions, this promises to be a turning point year for many people, many countries. Profound and lasting change is in the works for many. Today I want to turn our predictions to world health news. It seems our world health makes news in some way every day, what does 2013 have in store? As I write this, a massive country wide flu epidemic is wreaking havoc on the United States and Canada. What else is in store for our world health this year? View full article »

Our next installment in 2013 predictions is going to cover world events. It seems that we have had an influx of natural disasters over the past several years. This is due to a wide number of climate and global changes, and the results are always often tragic and disastrous. There is no way to predict for certain what weather events will occur this year, although you would be surprised at how closely linked astrology and the weather really are, it’s all the same scientific field folks! That being said, I will offer some 2013 predictions on what natural disasters the world might see this year. View full article »

We continue our discussion series on 2013 predictions, a fun little way to make guesses and hunches on what will happen in the year ahead. I started last week with some fun celeb predictions, and I have more in store for later in the series. Today though we will turn to politics. Is anybody tired of hearing about politics? Who isn’t. But it’s fun to make predictions about what will happen this year, could we possibly have a year more exciting than last years election year? Well, let’s have a look. View full article »

It’s that time of year when the most common question asked of any astrologer or psychic is, what’s going to happen in the world next year? Just for fun, I am going to start a blog series on the very topic. Consider this your latest discussion series in what Norah Guide’s predictions are for the year ahead. Keep in mind, I am not the type to parlay in parlour trickery, so let’s just have fun with it and not take too much too seriously, shall we? Today Norah Guide is going to provide 2013 predictions for what she thinks will happen with some celebrities and current events. View full article »

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