Our next installment in 2013 predictions is going to cover world events. It seems that we have had an influx of natural disasters over the past several years. This is due to a wide number of climate and global changes, and the results are always often tragic and disastrous. There is no way to predict for certain what weather events will occur this year, although you would be surprised at how closely linked astrology and the weather really are, it’s all the same scientific field folks! That being said, I will offer some 2013 predictions on what natural disasters the world might see this year.

We can expect to see more disasters along the East Coast of the United States. A propane tank explosion that may destroy some housing complexes may occur this year. Generally the East Coast is not going to have much good weather this year. The Fall may also see a major hurricane make landfall in Florida.

The good news about the United States this year is that there will likely be fewer tornadoes than they saw last year. The ones they do experience will be larger in scope however and more devastating. Western Ontario in Canada may see some tornado activity in April of this year. Canada will also experience some wild fire activity in the Western parts.

Beyond North America, Japan will see some weather activity as well, possibly an earthquake or another tsunami, though I hope that I am incorrect on that one. California and New Zealand will also see some earthquake activity. The Pacific Rim will see some unusual volcanic activity mid year. As well, the influx of weather activity across the world is going to lead to mysterious mass bird deaths and fish washing up on ocean shores. Of course there will be the natural consequence of conspiracy theories that won’t hold as much water as the oceans do.

And that’s it for today’s 2013 predictions, folks! Of course with many of these hopefully I am incorrect, but with the rise in these activities, one never knows. Avoid coastal areas during hurricane season, and just use some common sense. Next week we will cover more fun celebrity predictions, until then, have a great week!

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