Welcome to Premium Astrology Norah,

Thank you for visiting PremiumAstrologyNorah.com.  My name is Sylvia and after visiting Premium Astrology some of my friends and I wanted to put together a site to look at what Norah really provides. We were not really sure about this company so we did some research and wanted to share it with all of you. Please feel free to comment or let us know how you felt about Norah and Premium Astrology.

The product starts with a completely Free Reading which is actually quite interesting. It touches on the positive and unique events going on in each person’s life. After reading mine I realize that it was a simple but constructive message. It was uplifting and actually got me excited to go out and make something happen with my life.

Each person has their own set of challenges, wishes, dreams and goals. I think Premium Astrology has put together a simple service that at least challenges you to think a little bit different.

I was sceptical of some of the information given to me but I respect the general message.  We got the full reading and for the small price it at least motivated me to make some positive changes in my life.

Norah and Premium Astrology are not here to predict every event coming up in my life. I don’t think anyone can be absolutely certain of what lies ahead in their future. Answers don’t simply fall from the sky.  I do think there are certain signs though, and I like the ones that Norah points out for me. I plan to pay closer attention to the positive things around me. I hope you all see the underlying uplifting message that I saw. It is not like this is the best advice I could get but like I said it was cheap and it challenged me to take action in my Transit Period. Let’s discuss. Comment below!

Thanks everyone!