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Happy June my friends, I hope you all have an exciting summer planned! If not, please come to my About Me page where you will see I want to help your inner rose blossom this month. If you have been saving up a wish omen for a special occasion, or are simply waiting for that perfect cosmic time to send your dream out into the universe, I am going to help you this month by celebrating Rose Month all month long all over my blogs and social media platform. Head on over to my About Me page for more details, but you can also find the news on my Facebook page, Pinterest boards, Twitter page, and Google+ page. It’s an exciting month ahead! And so today here I am going to help you launch all of those wishes you want to come true this rose month by discussing the importance of the wish and dream journal. So let’s get to it! View full article »

We are at our last installment of the 2013 predictions, this promises to be a turning point year for many people, many countries. Profound and lasting change is in the works for many. Today I want to turn our predictions to world health news. It seems our world health makes news in some way every day, what does 2013 have in store? As I write this, a massive country wide flu epidemic is wreaking havoc on the United States and Canada. What else is in store for our world health this year? View full article »

We continue our discussion series on 2013 predictions, a fun little way to make guesses and hunches on what will happen in the year ahead. I started last week with some fun celeb predictions, and I have more in store for later in the series. Today though we will turn to politics. Is anybody tired of hearing about politics? Who isn’t. But it’s fun to make predictions about what will happen this year, could we possibly have a year more exciting than last years election year? Well, let’s have a look. View full article »

It’s that time of year when the most common question asked of any astrologer or psychic is, what’s going to happen in the world next year? Just for fun, I am going to start a blog series on the very topic. Consider this your latest discussion series in what Norah Guide’s predictions are for the year ahead. Keep in mind, I am not the type to parlay in parlour trickery, so let’s just have fun with it and not take too much too seriously, shall we? Today Norah Guide is going to provide 2013 predictions for what she thinks will happen with some celebrities and current events. View full article »

Well the world has received some absolutely wonderful news this week in the midst of all of the uncertainty swirling around. The Royal Couple is having a baby! Our express congratulations out to Prince William and the ever so lovely Duchess of Cambridge. Norah Guide is predicting a very healthy baby, but a bumpy road ahead for Duchess Kate, and not just in the way of a bump watch I might add. But we do know this already, as this news has come a little earlier than the Palace likes to confess. Were it not for a hospital admission due to horrific morning sickness, this matter would still be kept as private as ever until the safe time had passed. Even so, Kate will deliver a very healthy offspring to add to the Royal line, but she her pregnancy is going to be anything but easy. But no matter of life in the Royal Family can be easy, no? Interested in hearing Norah Guide’s Royal Couple baby predictions? View full article »

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I recently discussed the notion of the importance of understanding the North node. Here is where we learned about how the sides, or the nodes, of the Moon will determine certain personality traits, bad habits, and the like. In essence, where you see the South Node falling on your chart will highlight certain negative tendencies you may have. Just opposite of this of course is the North Node, which as you can suspect, illustrates just the opposite. All of the very best things about you will show up on your chart in the North Node. But what happens when you have two people’s energies working together…or against each other? Believe it or not, knowing where your Moon nodes lie, and where your partner’s lie, could give you a LOT of information about the state of your relationship. That’s exactly what we are going to talk about today.

We all know our Sun signs and our partner’s Sun signs, and even make little jokes about them. “I’m not going to ask him about girls night right now, because he’s a Gemini and heaven only knows what mood he’s in today.” But just as important as it is to understand those compatibilities, so too is it important to understand where your, and your partner’s, Moon nodes lie on the chart. In Astrology, studying this is called examining the nodes in synastry, or, studying two different charts and seeing where the nodes fall on each other’s paths. You may be dating your soul mate right now and have no clue until you looked at his or her chart!

As I mentioned in the previous post, where your Nodes are located is going to be very revealing in terms of where your spiritual growth is going. While the South Node represents negative traits you are trying to overcome, it also symbolizes your past, and in some cases even your past lives. The North node is where the growth is, and where the direction for your current life is heading. In the charts of many relationships that hold a deep and unwavering love for one another, very often you will see planets from one person’s chart touching the Nodes on another person’s chart.

If the planet in question touches the South Node of their partner’s chart, there is a very strong chance of a past life connection, or past life soulmate connection even. This is the kind of person that when you meet them, you will feel like you met them somewhere before. This is the kind of connection that people speak of when they say after their first date, “I know it sounds crazy but I feel like I’ve known him my whole life!” In a way, you have. If you see a connection like that in synastry study, then you know you have met someone very special…again. A celebrity couple example of this would be David Beckham and his beautiful wife Victoria. His Gemini is in Venus and is directly conjunct to her South Node. David has always spoken very highly of his wife in interviews, saying often that it just always felt like they were meant to be together.

At the same time, karmic connections within North Nodes are just as powerful. As these connections will represent future growth, they are sometimes even more powerful. Because the energies found in North Node connections will be directing you to a lesson you need to learn, sometimes these people connections are even stronger than those you would find with South Node links. This powerful nature of North Node links directing your future then suggest a good probability to predict the longevity of a certain relationship. Bill and Hillary Clinton are good example of North Nodes linking at just the right spots on the chart. And, as we all know, this woman will always stand by her man.

If you are having questions about your current relationship, or are wondering whether to start one, or have hit a rut or bumpy path in yours, consider looking to where the nodes are touching…or not…and see if there are any areas that you need to work on. A Zodiac Love Blueprint may be all you need to get some traction back with the one you love again. Sometimes there won’t be any nodes touching right now, sometimes those areas are yet to come and will be shown to you when the time is right.

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