It’s that time of year when the most common question asked of any astrologer or psychic is, what’s going to happen in the world next year? Just for fun, I am going to start a blog series on the very topic. Consider this your latest discussion series in what Norah Guide’s predictions are for the year ahead. Keep in mind, I am not the type to parlay in parlour trickery, so let’s just have fun with it and not take too much too seriously, shall we? Today Norah Guide is going to provide 2013 predictions for what she thinks will happen with some celebrities and current events.

William and Kate will have their baby this year of course, but Norah Guide is not comfortable with the way the roads are swinging as far as Team Blue and Team Pink predictions. Too wishy washy, can’t get a straight answer from anybody on that one. She thinks that might be because there may be some twins on the way, possibly one of each?

Rihanna and Chris Brown will continue to keep us guessing and you can expect two brand spanking new albums to come out as a result. Bad press is good press, and it seems to be keeping their names well discussed in a way that will probably sell records well. Expect some big news from them as well, a surprise of some sort, pregnancy, marriage, infidelity? We are going to get the same news from Jennifer Aniston, later in the year, and probably not about the man that she is currently with.

Lord of the Rings will get a sequel, “Lincoln” is going to be hot on the awards carpets, as will be “Les Miserables”. Tommy Lee Jones and Ann Hathaway will have a lot of camera time come January. Some of these are not things you need to be a psychic to figure out, but we’ll see about some others. Stay tuned for these and more predictions through this blog and others you will find on my About.Me feeds. Happy New Year Everyone! From all of us at Premium Astrology to you and yours, may your 2013 be beautiful, and bright.

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