Hello friends, I hope that you all have been enjoying the lucky Jupiter series. Have you found out where Jupiter is in your own chart yet? Knowing where Jupiter falls in your birth or natal chart, and also in your solar return chart will help you to discover where your lucky areas in life are. In your solar return your Jupiter placement will probably be different than in your birth chart, but will highlight your lucky areas of life this year alone. It’s always exciting to know where our luck in life will fall. Today we are going to wrap up the Jupiter series by looking at Jupiter in the tenth house, Jupiter in the eleventh house, and Jupiter in the twelfth house. What does it mean if Jupiter is found here? Well, let’s find out.

Jupiter in the Tenth House

Your tenth house is considered your house of public image, so if you have Jupiter in this house, then you will have a very good public image. You might even become famous one day. If you don’t, then most people in your life love you, and very few people can find anything bad to say about you at all. You might find that because you are so well respected that you would do well in occupations like a clergy, judge, philosopher, professor, church, or anything that involves understanding the higher and bigger picture in life. You probably travel a lot, because you love to see the world, and your view on life is larger than life, and you live your life with the mentality that you believe in something bigger and greater in play.

Jupiter in the Eleventh House

Your eleventh house is your house of ideals, and so if you have Jupiter in this house, then you may have a good social circle and a bevy of support from your friends. You not only do so now, but you have all of your life, and you will for the rest of your life. You are the kind of person that seems to be lucky when it comes to having your dreams realized. AT the same time, your friends will do just about anything for you, no matter what. You may be a humanitarian as well, and have a solid sense of working in areas where you champion justice for others.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House

If you have this Jupiter placement, this is Jupiter in your house of ends. This means you may be one of those people that seems to get by a lot or get out of scrapes with relative ease. You may find that you experience miracles on occasion, like you just miss a car accident on your way to work for example. You may also carry an air of benevolence about you, in all areas of your life. You might work in a hospital for example, or spend hours every week volunteering your time to feed hungry children. You have a very good sense of humor but you might hide it a little bit because perhaps it is a bit on the goofy or inappropriate side. You may also seek the truth about higher things such as spirituality, philosophy, or religion. You seek beauty in as many areas of your life as you can, and when you travel it is not often for a vacation as much as it is to discover the great mysteries of the word. Jupiter in this placement always means that you have a solid understanding of the higher purpose in life, and this is a very exciting and benevolent placement to have.

And there you have it folks, our Jupiter series in a nutshell. Remember that if you have any questions about your Jupiter placement you can always contact me through Facebook or Twitter. And be sure to bookmark my About Me page so that you can find out what exciting blog series we will be putting up now that Jupiter is all sewn up. Look forward to seeing you there! Until next time, love and be loved my friends. Love, Norah

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