jupiter in the seventh house

Hello friends, I hope you all have been enjoying our journey with Jupiter as much as I have! Always remember friends that if you ever have any questions about the Jupiter placement in your chart you can always touch base with me directly via Facebook or Twitter. Jupiter is our planet of luck and I want to make sure you know exactly what to do with the knowledge of your Jupiter placement. Today we look at Jupiter in the 7th house, Jupiter in the 8th house, and Jupiter in the 9th house. What does it mean if this is where Jupiter appears in your chart? Well let’s find out!

Jupiter in the 7th House
Your 7th house is your house of partners, so if you have Jupiter in this house then you will have one lucky love life that is no doubt. You want a partner that supports your ideas and your overall philosophy in life, and this is likely the only kind of person that you will consider dating. You may be very interested in partners that are wealthy or have a foreign connection, or both even. You are going to make a very good marriage partner, and you know it, and so your standards are high and you are happy to wait for the right person. You take the same approach to business as well, and won’t do business with just anyone. If you have Jupiter in this house, going into business with a partner and marriages will be favored in your life.

Jupiter in the 8th House

Your 8th house is your house of shared resources and if Jupiter is in this house for you then you will experience luck in resources, and likely from another source such as a wealthy spouse or an inheritance. You may be lucky with money, but you do like to splash it around a bit because you know how easy it is to come by, for you anyway. So you may give out more than you have which could lead you into some problems. You seek the truth when it comes to emotional matters and this makes you a very good partner as well. There is some Scorpio quality to this, so if you have this Jupiter placement you also will have great luck in your life uncovering other people’s secrets and mysteries.

Jupiter in the 9th House

If you have Jupiter in your 9th house, your house of mind expansion then you have a larger than life outlook on life itself. You probably travel a lot and have incredible experiences along the way, like meeting up with celebrities or inspirational people. You may also have a very deep psychic nature, and have vivid dreams or inspirations that seem to just come to you out of nowhere. It happens frequently enough that you notice it and may even study the fields of metaphysics and spirituality to get to the bottom of your own “quirks” that you know are much different than anyone else’s. You may also manifest this quality by being very active in your church.

And there you have it my friends, Jupiter in the 7th house, Jupiter in the 8th house, and Jupiter in the 9th house. If you have any questions about your Jupiter placement, be sure you contact me at Facebook or Twitter and I will help you get to the bottom of it. Next time we will wrap up this lucky series by exploring Jupiter in the last three houses. Until then, love and be loved friends. Love, Norah

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