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We continue our journey of Venus in the houses today, I hope you have been enjoying this discussion series. This is an interesting part of astrology because we find out so much about how we love, and how our partners do as well. For men, knowing where your Venus placement is particularly helpful, as your Venus placement shows what kind of woman would be most ideal for you. Knowing this will help you take out so much confusion in your love matters, because you can then choose the kind of woman that is indicated by your Venus placement. If you are already with someone who doesn’t quite meet this house matchup, that’s okay, you will still learn a lot about how you love and are best loved. It is a fascinating study. For women, Mars placement reveals this information, and this is exactly what we will cover in our next blog discussion series. But let’s get to Venus today, shall we? View full article »

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Today we are celebrating the goddess of love by continuing our discussion of Venus in the houses. We are halfway through our journey of Venus transits, and today we will cover Venus in houses seven through nine. What’s your romantic outlook if you have Venus in one of these houses? Or, if your partner does? Let’s not waste any time and get right to it! View full article »

I hope you all have been enjoying Romance Month so far! Make sure you don’t miss a thing by bookmarking my About.Me page or following my Pinterest boards. We’ve started a new blog discussion series in honor of Romance Month here, and that is a journey with Venus through the houses of the zodiac. Venus, our goddess of love, and her placement in your chart can tell you a lot about why you love the way you do. Do the chart of your partner to find their Venus placement, and you will learn so much about them as well. Suddenly the reason they communicate the way they do will make more sense to you, or why things haven’t progressed with you two will become more clear as well. You would be surprised at how enriched your romantic affairs can become simply by learning your Venus placement. It’s very similar to the understanding you have when you know your own Sun sign or zodiac sign better. Let’s find out today what happens with Venus in house four through six. View full article »

I hope that you enjoyed Norah Guide’s 2013 predictions! We are going to switch gears now as we move into the most romantic month of the year! As such, I am going to be offering Romance Month on all of my blogs and social media sites this month, so that you will get your daily dose of love in as many ways as you want. Be sure to bookmark the Norah Guide About Me page to make sure you don’t miss a single thing, and log into our Facebook circle and Twitter pages so that you can get access to every single element, all month long, in Romance Month with Norah Guide! Today we are going to start a new blog discussion series to launch off Romance Month, and that will be an exploration of the most romantic planet of all, Venus, the goddess of love. What can you learn about yourself, and your love life, when you know where Venus is in your personal chart? Well, I’m going to tell you that! Let’s have a look, today we look at Venus in the houses, houses one to three. View full article »

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