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Norah’s Transit Period Guide offers road map to months ahead

What if someone could mark your calendar, highlighting the best days for you to put the most energy into your creative projects?  This hypothetical helpful individual would also mark the days most likely to include mind-blowing sex or fabulous job offers—wouldn’t that be ideal?  What if you knew which weeks offered the ideal wave of positive energy for you to ride to fulfillment of your dreams?

Norah’s Transit Period Guide to Luck and Happiness can do all these things for you.  Astrology experts like Norah can tell from your date of birth which planets will move in the next few months through which sectors of your chart, representing different arenas of life like home, family, romance and career.  These planetary movements, called transits, offer a secret astrology code of timing.  People who possess this information have an advantage because they are able to seize the perfect moment to launch new projects or approach that hottie for date.

Take advantage of your lucky days

The wealth of opportunities you’ll gain from Norah’s Transit Period Guide to Luck and Happiness may require a deeper level of understanding of the universe than you’ve needed previously.  That is why along with Norah’s Transit Period Guide to Luck and Happiness you will receive six free e-books.  These books include:  Understanding the Astral Influences of the Zodiac; The Art of Astrology; Accessing Your Higher Self with Tarot Cards; Numerology to Uncover the Secrets to Success; Mastering the Ancient Art of Palmistry and 101 Power Moves to Unleash Your Inner Power.  These books are Norah’s gift to you to empower you to take advantage of the transits coming your way.

We live in a world of constant flux and change.  Norah’s Transit Period Guide to Luck and Happiness will help you navigate these changes smoothly, avoiding potential pitfalls while reaping the abundant harvest from periods of potential luck.  Norah’s Transit Period Guide to Luck and Happiness will serve as your personal tour guide to the future, giving you the inside tips on what the universe has in store for you.

Norah at Premium Astrology combines many skills

Norah of Premium Astrology utilizes her many unique abilities–as an astrologer, a psychic and a clairvoyant—to provide to help people experiencing confusion and uncertainty, or even emotional devastation following life altering events.  Norah has helped hundreds of clients re-connect with their own inner strength.  Her lifetime of study in metaphysical subjects gives her a wealth of wisdom to draw upon to help you with questions relating to love and romance, career and business, health or family.  Norah’s innate psychic gifts, along with decades of studying and practicing astrology, enable her to guide clients with compassion as well as insight.

What does Premium Astrology’s Norah’s clients say

Although our family members and close friends love us, they often tend to apply their own agendas to our problems—a for instance, one friend may advise another to stay in a miserable job because they are co-workers.  However, receiving advice from an impartial counselor with psychic abilities can offer a fresh perspective, both comforting and liberating.  As Candace, one of Norah’s clients, commented after her reading “It was like learning that where I thought there was a brick wall that imprisoned me was actually a doorway into an exciting new chapter of my life.  I felt like a prisoner who had not simply been let out of jail but had the walls dissolve around them.  And Norah was so loving and kind in her attitude, so understanding of my fears.”

A reading with Norah will help you create meaningful, positive change on whatever question is perplexing you, whatever issue is draining your sense of fully grasping all that you deserve in life.  We were all put on earth to help each other—let Norah help you.


Planetary hours, online tarot decks, books to read

Did you know that the hours of each day follow a planetary cycle?  That some hours are ruled by Venus, others by Mars, etc and that therefore some times are more auspicious for certain activities?  These hours are not the same each day, but you can find a planetary hours calculator, along with a more complete explanation of this concept here.  You can also check out the recent article on our sister site about the planetary rulerships of the days of the week.
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How to get more Norah and astrology

I’m not sure if regular readers of this site are aware that Norah and her associates also maintain other blogs offering information on everything from improving your psychic skills, to the current astrology weather to articles helping you understand more about astrology, the planets and the houses.  You will want to check out the articles at these sites to get more of what Norah and friends are offering you.
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Quotes from some surprising sources

People who have not yet educated themselves about astrology and psychic skills often feel prejudice toward these topics. Yet great philosophers, writers thinkers and experts from many fields and of every era have acknowledged that the world is full of mystery and that our dreams hold power. From time to time, we like to offer these to help inspire you (some of these also make good ammunition when talking with that friend or relative who scoffs at astrology and psychics).
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Fulfill your talents and dreams

Norah the Astrologer currently offers a wide range of products and services to help you navigate life’s changes. Like having your own personal guide from the future, Norah offers you the means to take advantage of potentially periods of luck and good fortune. She also gives you insight into which people are most likely to be soulmate material with whom you can form lasting love relationships. Plus Norah offers a protection ritual so that you can shake off bad energy and move toward the rewards you so richly deserve. These are some of the powerful tools Norah offers for accessing your highest potential and brightest possible future.

Transit Guide

The current movement of the planets causes reverberations in your natal astrology chart as the planets interact with the positions where the sky was illuminated at the moment of your birth. These movements, called transits, comprise a hidden code of timing, enabling those in possession of this information to seize the moment and create a more positive life. With a transit guide written using Norah the Astrologer’s expertise, wisdom and insight, you can take advantage of key opportunities for career and romance.

Power Meditation Manifestation System

This series of meditations permits you to raise your vibration and connect with the Divine! By doing this, you begin to shed your fears and perceive your ability capitalize on the future opportunities predicted in your Transit Period Guide. Norah deliberately created every aspect of these to help you move to a new level of personal power.

This Ritual of Ultimate Protection

This powerful tool will heighten your psychic senses so that you are able to sense and automatically protect yourself against any negative energy. Norah the Psychic offers this Wiccan ceremony, rooted in ancient wisdom, to you with an Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee. This tool for surrounding yourself only with the most positive energies will increase your ability to achieve your goals a thousand-fold.

Norah the Astrologer’s Zodiac Love Guide

This insightful guide provides detailed information about which of your qualities to highlight in order to kindle attraction between you and any other sign. You have within you the ability to create deep and lasting bonds with anyone whom you choose. This guide gives you the insight to understand the interplay of energies between you and the person you set your sights in no matter what sun sign that person may have. This powerful tool enables you to become a magnet for love and romance, drawing the perfect partner to you by utilizing the secrets of the zodiac. Because these secrets have such power, Norah asks that you use them only with the highest intentions and that you not share this wisdom with anyone else.

You can find more details on these amazing products which Norah the Astrologer is making available now, including special pricing, here.

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