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I’m not sure if regular readers of this site are aware that Norah and her associates also maintain other blogs offering information on everything from improving your psychic skills, to the current astrology weather to articles helping you understand more about astrology, the planets and the houses.  You will want to check out the articles at these sites to get more of what Norah and friends are offering you.

Norah Psychic

In the past few weeks, we’ve featured articles telling you how to know whether you’re an empath, how to do a new moon ritual, how to find your spirit animal, keeping a moon-dream journal and the mysterious connection between animals and the full moon.  Click here to check out this blog if you’re a fan of all things psychic.

Norah Astrologer

This blog is where we provide updates on the current astrology weather conditions.  We cover the shift of planets from one sign into another, events like New and Full Moons, as well as eclipses as well as  planets turning retrograde or going direct again, and we explain how these changes in the sky will affect the energy here on earth.  Reading this blog will give you some advance notice of days likely to be challenging and tense as well as days which offer great energy for asking for that raise or throwing a party.

Astrology information

These  sister blogs offer different levels of information to help you gain a better understanding of astrology. offers useful explanations of astrology terms and fundamental concepts.  It’s a great place to learn some of the basics or to review them.  If you’ve already been studying astrology for a while, you may want to check out, which offers slightly more in-depth articles.  Lately, we’ve been running a series on the Sabian symbols, which are a fascinating combination of astrology and clairvoyance.  Previous articles here have ranged the gamut from solar return charts, to astrology life events like the Saturn return and the Uranus opposition.  Our primary focus on, on the other hand, is how you can use astrology for career and business purposes.  At the latter two sites, we occasionally add fun or unusual stuff like astrology jokes and quizzes, and a feature on the astrology of crime.

You’ll find a range of articles ranging from beginner to intermediate level at this blog, where we’ve recently talked about the asteroids Sedna, Juno and Vesta as well as the meaning of Mars in your chart and how to detect someone’s sun sign from the home decor.  We also offer an overview of the world of astrology, as well as some more advanced articles, at this blog.  Recent articles have covered topics like medical astrology,traditional astrology, Vedic astrology and Chinese astrology.  Some of the articles here also cover topics like the astrology of the days of the week.

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