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We will continue our discussion of the astrological significance of the planets by discussing today the astrological significance of the planet Saturn. This planet is one of the few that is visible to the naked eye on occasion, and it spends over two and a half years in each sign. This makes it a significant planet in terms of our astrological charts. Because Saturn spends so much time in each sign, its transits will be significant in your live. You can find out more about my discussion on transit periods in general and on the transit period of the Saturn return on my daily Tumblr blog, or through my Twitter feed where I post all of the links of my blogs and discussions on this topic and other topics in astrology. Be sure to follow me here to get more information on the daily effects of Saturn, and how they can help you tap into your inner psychic abilities, and learn more about the important transit periods of your lives, from day to day, and for your journey towards enlightenment. But today, let’s give Saturn some love, shall we? View full article »

We’ve been exploring the astrological significance of the planets, and this can benefit us in a number of ways. It can help us see patterns and themes in our lives that will occur in the future, or we can use this information on a day to day basis since the planets are always in motion. If you follow my Tumblr blog, you can access the astrological forecast of these significant events on a day to day basis with my daily astrological forecast. Mars is getting some action today, so I thought it so appropriate to cover in today’s blog. What is the astrological significance of Mars? Let’s have a look. View full article »

We are going to continue our discussion today of the planets, exploring the mythological relevance of the planet Jupiter and how this affects us in our daily lives, and in our charts. If you have had your natal or Solar Return chart done, you may be curious to know what it means to see “Jupiter in Cancer” or something of the sort on your chart. Or, you may follow my daily astrological forecast and see the day to day impacts of Jupiter and wonder what this really means in your day to day life. Let’s talk about its overall astrological significance today. View full article »

Norah Guide has been exploring the role that twin flames play across my social media sites over the last little while, and so since I’m in a warm and fuzzy place, I thought why no talk about the planet Venus today. If you have missed my talks or tips on the twin flame experience, make sure that you follow me or friend me in my social networking sites, you can find them all on my About.Me page. But let’s get to Venus today….Ahhhh the Goddess of Love. View full article »

Everything in astrology has a mythological basis, as we have discussed regularly on this blog and across the many Norah Guide social media sites. The planets are no exception, and in fact are the basis for many of the mythological connections in astrology. Today we are going to talk about Pluto, but not your Disney friend Pluto, the planet Pluto. View full article »

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We’ve been experiencing some Neptune energy this past week, and so it would help us to touch on what the astrological significance of Neptune is in our daily lives, so that we understand more about why we may be feeling a little out of sorts right now. To continue our study of the planets, today then would be a perfect day to cover this planet. Neptune may be intimidating, but the important thing to remember with every planet is that there are both positive and negative aspects within each. How we navigate them as positively as possible will make all the difference in the world. So, let’s talk about Neptune. View full article »

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