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I hope you all have been enjoying the blog series on Mars in the houses. I found it very interesting indeed that the series began when Mars itself entered Aries after a period of about 14 years. I assure you I did not plan this, but it was probably one of those cosmic events that was an unplanned coincidence. At any rate, understanding Mars is a good step to take in your journey of enlightenment because Mars is one of the personal planets. And understanding your Mars placement is just another way to understand yourself better. As well, when you know your partner’s Mars placement it helps to understand them better at the same time. Mars is the aggressor, and knowing where their Mars is can be very helpful in understanding why they communicate or “go to battle” on some issues more than others. We will reach the halfway point in this journey of understanding today as we look at Mars in houses four, five, and six. So let’s get to it! View full article »

We’ve been exploring the astrological significance of the planets, and this can benefit us in a number of ways. It can help us see patterns and themes in our lives that will occur in the future, or we can use this information on a day to day basis since the planets are always in motion. If you follow my Tumblr blog, you can access the astrological forecast of these significant events on a day to day basis with my daily astrological forecast. Mars is getting some action today, so I thought it so appropriate to cover in today’s blog. What is the astrological significance of Mars? Let’s have a look. View full article »

Norah Guide has been exploring the role that twin flames play across my social media sites over the last little while, and so since I’m in a warm and fuzzy place, I thought why no talk about the planet Venus today. If you have missed my talks or tips on the twin flame experience, make sure that you follow me or friend me in my social networking sites, you can find them all on my About.Me page. But let’s get to Venus today….Ahhhh the Goddess of Love. View full article »

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