I hope you all have been enjoying our journey with Jupiter through the houses. This is a very exciting part of your astrological profile, and one of the most exciting ones as well! Jupiter is the large planet, the planet of optimism and joy, the all benevolent one, and the one that brings you all of the luck in the world. This is why knowing where Jupiter is in your chart can tell you where your most optimistic, joyous, and luck in the world will fall in your life. What house does Jupiter fall in on your chart? Have a look at your birth chart or your solar return chart and find out the location of your Jupiter this year, and through your life. Then come back to this blog discussion series, and find out what it means! Today we are going to look at what it means with Jupiter in the fourth house, Jupiter in the fifth house, and Jupiter in the sixth house.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

If Jupiter is in your fourth house then to you, family is everything. Family and anything that is centered around the home are the things that mean the most to you in life. Jupiter in this house will also mean that you embody all of the qualities that one that caters well to the home would as well. This house placement also implies that you have good fortune in life. You may be born into a wealthy family, or have fortunes that increase as you grow older due to family wealth that eventually distributes itself down to you. But this does not mean you simply take the abundance and run, no, this family fortune that you enjoy in life you earn. Your family means everything to you, and everything you do is for your family. You would do well with a family business if you have this house placement, or in a business that you run from your home.

Jupiter in the Fifth House

If you have Jupiter in the fifth house, then you will enjoy love to the fullest no doubt. The fifth house is the house of pleasure, and so pleasure comes front and center in every area of your life. You follow your passions in every single way. You may be an athlete or someone that is very interested in organized sports and athletics. Dating and romance are incredibly important to you, and you frequently find yourself or put yourself in situations where you are around members of the opposite sex. You are the life of the party and never have a problem getting a date either. You adore children, and are one of those people who just seems to “have a way” with them, as they adore you right back. You either have many children of your own, or will have many one day. If you do not, then you will somehow find a way to meet this need in your life either through volunteer work or in your career. You have a natural luck in both love and games, but if you rely on it too much it will run out. You have to create some of your own once in a while, don’t be shy because if it is love related, everything you touch will turn to gold.

Jupiter in the Sixth House

The sixth house is the house of work, so if you have Jupiter in this house then you will have good fortune and all things happy go lucky in your career in your life. You are a good worker too, so you deserve all of the success that comes to you. You are the type that people would call a “model employee” and you would easily get a glowing reference from every single job you have ever had, and from every single person you have ever worked with. You are good when it comes to the big picture in life, and so if you have any weaknesses in the professional arena it would be in your attention to detail. Because of this you would be better served working in a leadership role where you can visualize greatness and have employees get paid well to pay attention to the details for you. Because this is where your luck is, it won’t be difficult for you to find yourself in this situation either.

And there you have it folks! Next week we will look at the next placement of Jupiter and examine Jupiter in the seventh, eighth, and ninth houses. Make sure you are LinkedIn with me as I frequently post videos that are related to this discussion on my LinkedIn page, and all of the updates are also published on my Google+ page and About Me page. Enjoy any luck that Jupiter may send your way until then my friends, Love, Norah Guide.

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