I hope you all have been enjoying our blog discussions. It is always sad to wrap one up, but I try to never leave too much time in between. Remember that if you ever have a question about any of our blog discussions you can always contact me through my About Me page or my Facebook or Twitter accounts. I’m happy to help you better understand the placement of the planets in your charts. And just as we wrap up one planet, we move on to another. Jupiter. Jupiter is one of my favorite planets, because it is such an optimistic happy go lucky planet, you can’t help but love life when your Jupiter energy is aligned. Jupiter is the planetary version of the god of all gods, Zeus, and so this is the energy that Jupiter radiates. Great benevolence, kindness, optimism, and happiness on all things that Jupiter influences. Beware though as Jupiter is also the truth seeker, like every good parent is, but appreciates abstract and creative expressions of love and life. Where Jupiter lies in your chart will emphasize those qualities in your life. For example, if Jupiter falls in your house of partnerships in love, your romantic life will have a general lucky and optimistic air to it. You probably don’t have trouble meeting and making partners. So before you explore this series, have your birth chart done and find out your Jupiter placement, because who wouldn’t want to know where their lucky spots are? Today we are looking at Jupiter in the houses 1, 2, and 3.

Jupiter in the First House

In this house Jupiter is most expanded, as this is the House of Self. If Jupiter is in your first house you are an idealist in every sense of the word. Some people may think of you as a Polyanna of sorts, but no matter what they say, you believe in your heart everything will work out just fine no matter what. That’s because for you it usually does anyway. The reality is that this doesn’t always happen to everyone, so this part of life will confuse you and you may need to work on your empathy skills. You are very good at self development, once you identify the problem you work to correct yourself and are always trying to be your best possible self. It’s what people around you love most about you, they will never hear you complain about anything and you are very easy and fun to be around. You do have an abundance of confidence, if there is anything about you to say it might be the size of your ego. This is the exalted god of the gods archetype, so that is only natural. That does not mean that you don’t have the biggest heart of them all at the end of the day, because you most certainly do. And the people that know you best know that, and that’s all that matters.

Jupiter in the Second House

Your second house is your house of material possessions, so if Jupiter is in this house for you, then you will probably never worry about money a day in your life. You are very lucky with money, and no matter what happens in your life, you are always naturally and easily provided for. You have natural talents and are able to make money well on your own, don’t get me wrong. You are also very charming and people trust you with money, and with better money making opportunities than other people would get. If Jupiter is in this house, do not let yourself become lazy just because money making is easy or comes natural to you, as talents such as yours could truly go exceptionally far. You will also be lucky in life, specifically in the area of money, and the opportunities will just always be there. Don’t go through life taking them for granted, it will be a waste, as you are always capable of creating more luck for yourself in life than you already have.

Jupiter in the Third House

Your third house is your house of thinking and communication. If Jupiter is in this house you are a chatty cathy. You love to talk, talk, talk, and think out loud. Travelling alone will never be an issue for you because you will probably become best friends with the person who sits next to you on the flight. You think big, but you don’t necessarily always settle down. You move from one thing to another because you are always thinking about the next big thing. This will frustrate your partners, if you decide to commit to someone which is unlikely. If you do, just remember to keep your promises. Writers with Jupiter in the third house will have very good careers. As this is also the house of communications, they will have luck pursuing careers in this field through any means of communicating.

And that’s it for Jupiter in the first three houses. You can see how exciting it will be to find out where your Jupiter placement is, no? Stay tuned until we hit all of the houses to find out where your lucky spot is. Until next time, Love, Norah.

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