We continue our discussion series on 2013 predictions, a fun little way to make guesses and hunches on what will happen in the year ahead. I started last week with some fun celeb predictions, and I have more in store for later in the series. Today though we will turn to politics. Is anybody tired of hearing about politics? Who isn’t. But it’s fun to make predictions about what will happen this year, could we possibly have a year more exciting than last years election year? Well, let’s have a look.

When it comes to American politics, things will be exciting as usual. On the personal side of things we have already seen Hillary Clinton have some medical concerns, there is a chance she may experience more, but not until after her term is finished. Vice President Joe Biden will also receive a diagnosis this year, if it is made public it will not become public until later in the year. This year some heads of State will cross over as well, by that I mean, to the “other side”, and spouses as well.

Tensions in the world will remain in Syria, and Japan and China will see some escalations in tensions this spring. On the Canadian front, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and American President Barack Obama will work well together, but Harper will be met with a crisis where he needs American help from.

In America, Obama will work desperately to turn around the economy, and rest assured this is his highest focus right now. There will be some natural disasters to contend with however, I will cover that in my next prediction series. I have seen some predictions where Obama will not finish his term, that one I am not sure about, but I know this will be a very uncomfortable term for him. Not due to scandals, he will keep his nose clean and out of trouble, but he has a lot of people conspiring against him right now, and it will be a very unsettling four years for him. He will still be President at the end of 2013.

Natural disasters, not bipartisanship, will be the biggest stumbling block in the economic regrowth. We already saw that with Sandy, this will continue. A gold rush in Canada is possible. We may also see an unexpected vacancy crop up in the Supreme Court, and the replacement will turn the high court from a conservative tone to a more liberal one. When it comes to Governor elections this year, you can expect both Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie to win back their states.

And, to end on a good note, you will also see a Nobel Peace Prize or similarly ranked honor go to Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistan woman shot by the Taliban for pursuing education for women in Pakistan. Be sure you are tuned into my Pinterest page to get access to more predictions in this fun discussion series!

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