Well the world has received some absolutely wonderful news this week in the midst of all of the uncertainty swirling around. The Royal Couple is having a baby! Our express congratulations out to Prince William and the ever so lovely Duchess of Cambridge. Norah Guide is predicting a very healthy baby, but a bumpy road ahead for Duchess Kate, and not just in the way of a bump watch I might add. But we do know this already, as this news has come a little earlier than the Palace likes to confess. Were it not for a hospital admission due to horrific morning sickness, this matter would still be kept as private as ever until the safe time had passed. Even so, Kate will deliver a very healthy offspring to add to the Royal line, but she her pregnancy is going to be anything but easy. But no matter of life in the Royal Family can be easy, no? Interested in hearing Norah Guide’s Royal Couple baby predictions?

Let’s start with the boy versus girl debate. As it is the male contribution to the fertilization process that determines the gender of the baby, my prediction is for Team Blue. This will make the Palace and the Royal Family very happy to have the next in line for the throne on Earth in 2013, but even if Team Pink makes an arrival, it is my understanding this may be the case either way. If a new King to be makes his arrival, he will be named Michael, Charles, Henry, James, or George, or some combination of the aforementioned names. If it’s a girl, we can expect her to be called Victoria, Mary, Carole, Elizabeth, or Philippa, or any combination thereof.

Now when is the due date is the next big question? This is difficult to predict given we don’t know how far along she was when she was admitted to the hospital. The Palace is being very quiet about that, no surprise there. Normally they prefer to make these announcements after the 13 week date, however this was impossible to keep private due to the public nature of the Duchess’s hospital admission.

Let’s look at history first, though I am predicting a Leo is on the way for the Royal Couple. If a Virgo arrives, this will be late August, though she would have to have conceived within the last couple of weeks for that to be the case. Her morning sickness would not be profound enough to enter the hospital if she had only conceived recently. I am putting her pregnancy progress at this point at approximately 8 weeks along, and this is where I get Leo. Technically speaking her due date by this analysis will fall anywhere between the end of May 2013, and the end of July 2013, quite a large window in a pregnancy timeframe. I’m predicting July as being closer to the money.

As well, an interesting piece of history is that most of the royal family couples experience an average of 851 days between marriage and first birth, and this would put the third in line for the throne arriving near the end of July, and the beginning of August. Leo.
What do you think folks? What are your thoughts on the Royal pregnancy? Be sure to follow my Pinterest page to stay in the know with my Royal Couple baby predictions on exciting things with this celebrity couple, and predictions for many others as well!

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