We are at our last installment of the 2013 predictions, this promises to be a turning point year for many people, many countries. Profound and lasting change is in the works for many. Today I want to turn our predictions to world health news. It seems our world health makes news in some way every day, what does 2013 have in store? As I write this, a massive country wide flu epidemic is wreaking havoc on the United States and Canada. What else is in store for our world health this year?

There will be many breakthroughs in science and cancer research, this past year saw many and this will continue. You may have noticed fewer people are dying of cancer. It is by no means cured, but more breakthroughs are leading to this exciting trend. 2013 will be an exciting one in the cancer research field, particularly where breast cancer is concerned. Diabetes too will come down in numbers. Enough to puzzle doctors across the globe, but not enough to wipe it out completely.

The trend has already started but you will see more New Age practices becoming conventional methods this year. We are in an age of awareness and more and more people will move to the light this year. Meditation will make some breakthroughs in science as well, it will begin to be recommended more for a wide variety of ailments.
One ailment that will increase in rates will be skin cancer, and mostly in the child age categories. This will not be the melanoma type of skin cancer, but the less invasive type that is easily treated. There is definitely a connection between this and the global warming trends, so make sure your kids are wearing sunscreen. One ailment that will start to get less frequent will be the common cold. This unfortunately however will be replaced by more violent flu type viruses that are potentially fatal for some people, something we are already seeing. I suspect breakthroughs in lupus are on the horizon as well.

When it comes to individual people and who should keep an eye out, I am not in the business of diagnosing future health problems. Generally speaking I can point out concerns to people, but most often when I am in their energy fields in person, or can at least see them. New clients that have one on one readings over the phone or email however I can help in that area, after we have connected and gotten to know each other. But many people ask me to predict celebrity’s health all the time, it just doesn’t work that way. I might get some information, but I am not a doctor.

That being said however, the current President and Vice President do have some concerns around them. I do believe I have mentioned that in a previous feature in this series as well. Joe Biden may be diagnosed with something this year, it won’t be serious, but serious enough to cause some concern. A lot of psychics have predicted President Obama is in some kind of danger this year as well, at least during his term. Every President is always at risk of something, that’s just a fact of life. I do not feel it is a health thing though, and am certain he is beefing up his security team as his second term begins as well. Arnold Schwarzenegger may have some headache concerns, but he may also be tied to another scandal which may be the source of his headache. Jack Nicholson will be hospitalized for something minor, and there may be a funeral for a former President this year as well based on illness.

And there you have it, my predictions for world health news, let’s hope I am right on those breakthroughs! Hope you have enjoyed the blog discussion series on New Year’s predictions! Be sure that you are logged into my Facebook or Pinterest page to catch up on some wish fulfillments so that you can ensure that your 2013 is the best one to date! Until then, hope you all have a very blessed and miracle filled 2013. Love, Norah Guide

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