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Quotes from some surprising sources

People who have not yet educated themselves about astrology and psychic skills often feel prejudice toward these topics. Yet great philosophers, writers thinkers and experts from many fields and of every era have acknowledged that the world is full of mystery and that our dreams hold power. From time to time, we like to offer these to help inspire you (some of these also make good ammunition when talking with that friend or relative who scoffs at astrology and psychics).
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Fulfill your talents and dreams

Norah the Astrologer currently offers a wide range of products and services to help you navigate life’s changes. Like having your own personal guide from the future, Norah offers you the means to take advantage of potentially periods of luck and good fortune. She also gives you insight into which people are most likely to be soulmate material with whom you can form lasting love relationships. Plus Norah offers a protection ritual so that you can shake off bad energy and move toward the rewards you so richly deserve. These are some of the powerful tools Norah offers for accessing your highest potential and brightest possible future.

Transit Guide

The current movement of the planets causes reverberations in your natal astrology chart as the planets interact with the positions where the sky was illuminated at the moment of your birth. These movements, called transits, comprise a hidden code of timing, enabling those in possession of this information to seize the moment and create a more positive life. With a transit guide written using Norah the Astrologer’s expertise, wisdom and insight, you can take advantage of key opportunities for career and romance.

Power Meditation Manifestation System

This series of meditations permits you to raise your vibration and connect with the Divine! By doing this, you begin to shed your fears and perceive your ability capitalize on the future opportunities predicted in your Transit Period Guide. Norah deliberately created every aspect of these to help you move to a new level of personal power.

This Ritual of Ultimate Protection

This powerful tool will heighten your psychic senses so that you are able to sense and automatically protect yourself against any negative energy. Norah the Psychic offers this Wiccan ceremony, rooted in ancient wisdom, to you with an Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee. This tool for surrounding yourself only with the most positive energies will increase your ability to achieve your goals a thousand-fold.

Norah the Astrologer’s Zodiac Love Guide

This insightful guide provides detailed information about which of your qualities to highlight in order to kindle attraction between you and any other sign. You have within you the ability to create deep and lasting bonds with anyone whom you choose. This guide gives you the insight to understand the interplay of energies between you and the person you set your sights in no matter what sun sign that person may have. This powerful tool enables you to become a magnet for love and romance, drawing the perfect partner to you by utilizing the secrets of the zodiac. Because these secrets have such power, Norah asks that you use them only with the highest intentions and that you not share this wisdom with anyone else.

You can find more details on these amazing products which Norah the Astrologer is making available now, including special pricing, here.

5 Signs of a Good Psychic

If you’ve never had a psychic reading, it may be difficult for you to evaluate a reading you receive. After all, it’s not like going to a restaurant or a mechanic—you won’t get indigestion or a stalled vehicle after paying for a bad psychic reading. Like physicians, lawyers, plumbers or any other profession, many psychics have talents which they provide with integrity while others offer substandard work or may even be fraudulent. Last week, I explained some of the ways you can recognize a bad psychic. This week, I want to discuss some of signs that indicate you are working with a good psychic.
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Receiving a psychic reading

Psychics have different styles. One of my clients told me when she received her first psychic reading (from a person not affiliated with this site); the man seemed interested in reprimanding her. I once heard of a businessman who consulted a psychic (again, not someone who is associated with Norah) was disappointed because the reading focused on spiritual growth rather than on his financial interests.


Very soon, Norah and her associates will be offering individualized readings.  All of the psychics here believe in giving a reading suited to the orientation of each client. The woman who was disappointed in her psychic needed someone to give her encouragement as well as advice that felt nurturing and positive. These days, when she comes to Norah for a reading, that is what she receives. The psychic who read for the businessman should have taken the time to discover his client’s objectives and paid attention to them—something that we always do here at Premium Astrology.

The readings you receive from Norah or any of her associates here are based on our attentiveness to client needs. We believe that the nature of the client determines the nature of the reading and we cater to your specific areas of interest. We can talk in-depth about your love-life, your financial prospects, what’s going on with your family, how you can become creatively unblocked, what the outlook is for your health, or anything else—it’s up to you.

When you contact us for a personalized reading, we will take the time to learn about your priorities and your interests. Your psychic reading from Norah, or from any of her associates, will provide the information you need. If you return for regular readings, as many of our clients do, we will be able to work from an even deeper knowledge of your goals and your history. We can advise you on how to chart a course around obstacles you currently face as well as how to access surprising new opportunities.

Awakening your psychic talents

When you receive regular psychic readings, you will notice an unexpected benefit: your own psychic skills will begin to awaken from regular contact with the psychic world. You may wish to read some of the articles on our affiliate site ( to learn more about developing your psychic talents.

Power Meditation ManifestationPower Meditation Manifestation System clears obstacles between you and joy

Customers who have received Norah’s Transit Period Guide often realize they are facing a key period of positive change and growth potential in their lives. However, even positive change can feel stressful and daunting—it is not unusual to feel frightened as they first begin to grasp their own true innate power. You may even find yourself wanting to hide, wanting to return to the seeming safety of the old, unfulfilling life. To help clients grow into their personal power, Norah offers her Power Meditation Manifestation System. This system will enable you to clear away psychic blockages which have formerly hindered you from recreating your life in accordance with your deepest desires.
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Find your soulmate with Norah’s astrology compatibility guide

Some astrology compatibility guides make it sound as if each sign can only find a soulmate in a few other zodiac signs. But Norah the Astrologer’s Love Guide empowers you to draw love into your life with any of the twelve zodiac signs, giving you insights into how you can maximize the positive energy between yourself and every sign of the zodiac. You can have the love you deserve once you understand the astrological keys to unlocking your personal magnetism. View full article »

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