5 Signs of a Good Psychic

If you’ve never had a psychic reading, it may be difficult for you to evaluate a reading you receive. After all, it’s not like going to a restaurant or a mechanic—you won’t get indigestion or a stalled vehicle after paying for a bad psychic reading. Like physicians, lawyers, plumbers or any other profession, many psychics have talents which they provide with integrity while others offer substandard work or may even be fraudulent. Last week, I explained some of the ways you can recognize a bad psychic. This week, I want to discuss some of signs that indicate you are working with a good psychic.

Explains the nature of their skills as well as other details

Not all psychics are the same. Some are channelers, others are empaths, some read the akashic (past life) records, some perform shamanic soul retrievals. A good psychic explains her/his abilities, either on a website or brochure, or when you contact them for a reading. Make sure you understand the type of service you will be receiving. A good psychic also makes clear at the time you make your appointment, how long the reading will last and what fee they charge for their services.

Respect for Clients

A good psychic treats clients with respect, offering information and insight without trying to take over a client’s decision-making. Unless there is a life-threatening situation, a responsible psychic practicing with integrity may make suggestions, indicating that the energy supports a particular choice, but never tries to tell a client they must or must not do something. A good psychic also recognizes that psychic skills do not put her/him above other people, realizing that the talent comes from a divine source/higher self (depending on your belief system) and thus is not a mark of superiority. A good psychic honors your life path as a unique manifestation of the circumstances you have faced and never belittles you for the choices you have made.

Asks few questions

A good psychic may ask about your purpose in seeking a reading to determine what area of life you want the reading to cover. However, a good psychic does not ask a lot of leading questions in order to re-word the information you provide and repeat it back to you attempting to appear knowledgeable about your life. Unless you are lonely and don’t mind paying for the temporary illusion of friendship, choose a psychic who will steer the conversation toward the actual reading, listening enough to give you a sense of connection, but not letting the session become mere social chit-chat.

Leaves their own life events and issues at the door.

A good psychic focuses on tuning into higher wisdom in order to provide you with useful information. This means keeping her/himself centered enough to be clear of personal emotional debris.  A good psychic does not have an axe to grind or a belief system to push. You may for the session, so you have a right for it to be about you, not the person you are paying. A good psychic realizes this and does not impinge their emotional needs or belief system upon you.

Gives clients a sense of empowerment

A good psychic remains honest, not sugar-coating the truth, yet does not deliver news of difficult times ahead in a way which makes the client feel hopeless. Ideally, the psychic serves as a window or doorway for the client to a sense of a higher truth and a broader perspective on life’s events, as if seeing their life path and choices from above. You should leave a good psychic reading feeling inspired to live more consciously and deliberately, to make more positive choices which honor your highest self.

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