7 signs of a bad psychic or astrology reading

As in every profession, there are some psychics and astrologers who provide good service, care about their clients and have a strong code of ethics.  And then there are those other ones . . .  Because Norah and her associates want you to have a good reading, whether you choose us or someone else, we offer these tips to help you recognize and avoid the less-than-stellar psychics or astrologers.

 1. Instilling Fear

The person warns you that you are in grave danger.  Very often this is literally a scam—some pseudo psychics will try to persuade clients they are threatened by a curse.  They will offer some means of escaping the curse, usually involving a scenario like putting money in a suitcase and giving it to the psychic to burn or throw into a body of water.  Don’t fall for this one.  You’re better off giving your money to charity if you want to improve your karma.  Other times, it is less literally a con game—the “psychic” in question simply wants you to stay hooked, to feel dependent on their readings and the illusion that they are helping you.

2. Confusion

You leave the reading feeling confused.  In the case of an astrology reading, this may happen because the astrologer forgets she/he is not talking to someone who speaks the language of astrology.  If you go for a reading and start hearing a lot of words and phrases you don’t understand, politely but firmly stop the reading and tell the person you want to hear the information in plain language.

 3. Jargon

The psychic or astrologer throws a lot of information without giving you time or the means to assimilate it.  Many astrologers have a written form of the information which they will give you in addition to the verbal reading. Other readers will gladly tape a session and give you the tape to play back and review at a later date.  You can also bring a small notebook with you to jot down information as the session takes place.

4. Interference

The reader tries to interfere too much in your life and decisions.  When someone accesses higher wisdom on your behalf, ideally they should respect your ability to take the information which is provided to you and use it to make your own decisions.  Only in rare and extreme cases will a good psychic intervene in someone’s life.

5. Poor listening skills

The reader fails to listen to you.  If you come for a reading with a specific question, a good astrologer or psychic will address that concern.  It may be that some of the information they receive is on another matter, but they will still honor your original intent by offering at least some comment on that area.

 6. Prejudice

A good psychic/astrologer does not have prejudices.  If you are of a different race than the person giving you a reading and they make a stereotyping comment related to you or someone in your life, leave immediately.  The same applies if you are gay and the person giving the reading says something homophobic.  When giving a reading, a psychic or astrologer should be in touch with some higher form of wisdom, which means they are filtering out any prejudices their human personality may possess.

7. Dark clouds without silver linings

A good reader will always offer some hope, even if there is bad news.  Do not continue to see an astrologer or psychic who enjoys delivering fatalistic readings.  This does not mean you have to choose readers who try to shoehorn a pair of rose-colored glasses onto you when you are going through a difficult time.  A reader should respect the fact that you may be mourning the loss of something or someone, yet still be able to point out at least the possibility of light at the end of a tunnel.

Our experiences and observations

The list above was compiled on the basis of experiences that we have had ourselves or that we have heard of from clients complaining about other psychics.  Norah and her associates all believe in giving balanced, positive readings which respect the client’s intelligence and free will.



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