Power Meditation ManifestationPower Meditation Manifestation System clears obstacles between you and joy

Customers who have received Norah’s Transit Period Guide often realize they are facing a key period of positive change and growth potential in their lives. However, even positive change can feel stressful and daunting—it is not unusual to feel frightened as they first begin to grasp their own true innate power. You may even find yourself wanting to hide, wanting to return to the seeming safety of the old, unfulfilling life. To help clients grow into their personal power, Norah offers her Power Meditation Manifestation System. This system will enable you to clear away psychic blockages which have formerly hindered you from recreating your life in accordance with your deepest desires.

8 Powerful Keys to Positive Change

This series of meditations permits you to raise your vibration and connect with the Divine! By doing this, you begin to shed your fears and perceive your ability capitalize on the future opportunities predicted in your Transit Period Guide. Norah deliberately created every aspect of these to help you move to a new level of personal power. There are eight of these meditations—as those who have studied the metaphysical codes of the universe know, in numerology, the number 8 correlates to expansion, resolving dualities and moving into the dimension of timelessness. In tarot, the 8th card of the Major Arcana is Strength.

Our agreement

As with all of Norah’s offerings, the Power Meditation Manifestation System comes with an unconditional, money-back guarantee. Just as Norah agrees to honor your choice, however, she asks that you enter into an agreement when you receive these meditations: you agree never to reveal the secrets contained in the Power Meditation Manifestation System to anyone else. You also agree to use their power only for good and noble causes.

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