With Mercury in retrograde right now, it is a good idea to explore the astrological significance of this planet, and how this planet affects our daily lives. Mercury is considered a winged messenger, and rules issues of communication. Intellect and travel are also issues related to Mercury, as he is the winged god that travels to bring his all important messages to the correct recipients.

In your every day life, Mercury is ruling those moments where you are required to act quickly, or make an efficient decision. Quick wit, thinking, and reasoning are all issues that Mercury helps us with. We are also prompted by Mercury to move quickly from one daily event to another. When Mercury is in retrograde, or moving backwards, these things move at a much slower rate, which is why it seems snaffoos in work, communication devices, computers, or cars seem to have more problems than usual during this period.

When you hear about troubles occurring with travel or transportation during Mercury retrograde, we are talking about small travels. So, you will for example see more issues crop up on your daily commute, than you would if you were traveling overseas. That’s because Mercury is about swift movements, and things happening in short time spans, or rather quickly.

People that are ruled by Mercury, those who have Life Path number 5 for example, will do well in the fields of writing, marketing, communications, and the like. You can see where Mercury falls in your chart, and that will tell you where in your life your areas of communication are favored. Virgos and Geminis are also ruled by Mercury. These are the kind of people that would prefer to text you than pick up the phone, just because it’s quicker and not for any other personal issue.

Mercury is a winged god and fascinating planet to understand and learn more from. Not to be feared, not even when it’s in retrograde. The further you are on your path to spiritual enlightenment, the less Mercury will scare you. You can get more daily tips on how to navigate Mercury’s effects over at my Tumblr blog and Facebook page!

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