Understanding the planets is essential in understanding astrologically significant events. Every planet rules one of the zodiac signs in modern Western astrology, and for Uranus, it is Aquarius but exalted in Scorpio. When it comes to Greek mythology, Uranus personifies the heavens and the evening sky. What makes Uranus different from other planets however is that it rotates on its side, thus presenting each of its poles to the Sun while it orbits, and this is where we see the alternate powers between both hemispheres, the heavens, and the night sky.

Uranus is a planet about change, it looks forward and it does not bend to tradition so much. It shies from tradition in fact, and people ruled by Uranus you will find are unconventional, express their individuality well, and are highly original. You will also find these folks to be geniuses most of the time, because their thinking is highly intelligent and out of the box. This is embodied in real life through the symbolic notion that Uranus rotates unlike any other planet, on its side. So too do folks ruled by Uranus, by nature they are inclined to step outside the box.

This is why you will see many inventors being ruled by Uranus. As well, people ruled by Uranus are somewhat rebellious, they don’t really like the rules. At the same time, Uranus people are highly intuitive, they simply see things differently than others. It is this intuitive nature that makes many inventors so successful, and if you look at their charts you will see they are ruled by Uranus.

Where you find Uranus on your own chart will indicate to you where you like to stir things up a bit. What part of your life are you particularly unconventional in, or don’t follow the rules? When you see Uranus on your chart, you are seeing the area of your life where you are most original, creative, and where you most likely refuse to bend to norms. Uranus also rules the eleventh house, the house of social context. So people with Uranus in their 11th house prefer bohemian lifestyles, and you will see them living a life with erratic and bizarre changes, behaviors, and plans. Uranus IS the planet of change, and these changes are frequently anything but subtle.

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