I hope you enjoyed the blog discussion series on Venus in the houses. This is a very important placement in our matters of the heart. For women it shows us how we love. For men, our Venus placement represents our ideal partner. Not the one we necessarily want to have mind you, but the one that is best for us on our path to unconditional love. But as we know, love is not a one sided thing. Venus can only tell us….her side of the story. And so this is why we turn to her partner in romantic affairs, Mars. As we know, it wasn’t always greek blossoms and roses with those two. So what can you determine from the Mars placement in your chart? For women the Mars placement will represent out ideal mate. Again, it may not be the one you have now. If it is you are very lucky. But it symbolizes an ideal. And for men, your Mars placement will show you the areas of life where you lead in, and how this will relate to success in love. In other words, your Mars placement shows you how you love as a man, and how this translates into your passion and leadership in life. When you tap into those qualities you will begin to attract the romantic energy you need to connect with your own romantic ideal or soul mate.

It will become more clear as we move through the houses. It might help you to review the Venus placements and look at them on your own chart. You can get an online birth chart done for free almost anywhere today, so once you have that you will slowly start to see how the Mars and Venus placements interchange with each other. Today, let’s have a look at Mars in the first three houses. What does it means if Mars falls in your house 1, 2, or 3? Lets have a look!

Mars in the First House

This is someone who is active and a leader by nature but it is difficult for you to stay still for too long. You might not even have a solid career path right now because you are kind of all over the map with your passions and what you want to do. Even so, this is the most powerful placement for Mars, number 1, the leader. It suggests you are a leader, but maybe a little combative at times. You are still action oriented and known for getting it done, so well respected in the community as well. Your greatest assets are that you are driven to excel, and you certainly have the energy to do so. This comes at a cost unfortunately because you are a “at any costs take no prisoners type” so you do make your enemies along the way. People love to hate you, but you don’t really care. They love to love you as well, because you are about as charming as it gets.

Mars in the Second House

You are very balanced if you have Mars in the second house. You have an inner drive but in all areas of life, not just one. From your spirituality to your romantic relationships to your work efforts you take a slow and easy and very kind approach to life. That doesn’t mean you do not pursue your goals, you definitely do but in your quiet and steady kind of way. At the same time, you are a little known for your temper at the quickest thing, more so where money matters are concerned than any other area of life. At the same time your heart is as big as your wallet, particularly where your own circle of friends and immediate family are concerned. You will do anything for them, and if someone tries to even slur a comment in the wrong direction you will not stop until justice is served. This energy can serve you well in life when you direct it appropriately.

Mars in the Third House

If Mars is in your third house, the reason people around you appear a little tired of you at times is because you may be a bit of a diva. Mars in the third house is a shine on me personality that usually stands apart from the crowd. The word “entourage” is either on your payroll or your wish list. But your heart is in the right place. You have an excellent sense of humor, abundant source of energy, and a bright, sharp, mind. You are particularly good at writing or communication through the written word. What you say in person to someone will mean far less than something you would write for them. You do have a bit of the Mars combat warrior in you as well. You may take your communication skills a little too far sometimes by turning into a “convincer” rather than a communicator, and this can turn people off sometimes. You learn to tone this down as you mature. When you say something you mean it, and people learn to trust you for your word which makes for a very strong circle of friends around you.

And that’s where we will stop for today. Is it starting to make more sense my friends? If not and still have questions, let me know! This month happens to be Reader’s Appreciation Month all month long with Norah Guide. Drop by my About.Me page and find out how you can be appreciated, or drop me your question right there! Stay tuned next week we will cover the next three houses and we’ll already be half done! Until then, appreciate the Mars in your life folks, love and be loved. Love, Norah Guide

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