If you follow my Tumblr blog then you are already getting my daily forecasts from the cosmic perspective, and so today we are going to cover the astrological forecast for March 2013. If you want a day by day forecast, be sure you are linked in to our social media pages where the daily forecasts are posted every day. You can find them all on my About Me page, Twitter, or even on Pinterest as well. But what do we have in store for March?

Some will say it feels like March is coming in like a lion, but it is truthfully more lamblike in its passage. We start March with a void of course cycle with the Moon and this will create some uncertainty and confusion. However this won’t last. Overall the first half of March is looking good, until Mercury turns direct on St. Patrick’s Day the 17th when you can expect some challenges.

The first week of March, right from the first day in fact, we have three planets aligning with Scorpio, the Sun, Pluto, and Saturn. Your determination will be high this weekend, so keep it focused and you will enjoy the fruits of your labors. As the 4th draws near, Mercury crosses in front of the Sun and Venus and Jupiter are in right angles with each other. Expect a crankier Monday morning than usual. By the 5th we have Mercury and Venus moving in opposite directions to dance a little dance with Saturn and Pluto. From here until the 8th we have a period where people will be more sincere and realistic than in the days preceding. This is also a good time for some creative endeavors, or maybe even some sparks of new romance.

The week of March 11th may be your calmest week this month with the only major aspects being Moon activity. We will have a New Moon in Pisces on the 11th and this is a great time to be writing down wish lists and goals and putting forth the actions required to see those wishes manifest. As a side bar, if you like wishing, follow me on Facebook and be sure you get your daily wish in!

Moving along the 14th to the 17th will have you grounded at first as the Moon enters Earthy Taurus. By the 17th that Mercury will make a direct station and this could cause some problems. Communication issues, transportation issues, technology issues, all of the things ruled by Mercury have the potential to be affected with this alignment.

By the 22nd, Mars, Uranus, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be in conflict and so this will be a weekend of unease for some of you. You will feel the need to truly make a change in your life, old patterns will become just that, stale and old. You also will feel like reacting to every challenge that comes your way. Try not to!
By the time our Full Moon in Libra occurs on the 27th, you will be in store for some much needed relief. Mercury and Saturn will be getting along and Venus and Uranus also will be lining up right behind the Sun. Consider this a “warm snap” of sorts when it comes to astrological weather. But it won’t last, by the time March draws to a close we will be in store for another stormy period.

During Easter weekend of the 29th we have the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury triangulating off of Pluto. People that don’t normally will be jumping to conclusions and you will be left holding the bag. You also may have issues with authority during this period. This is the time to keep the schedule as light as possible, and never forget to practice that 26 second reboot during the most challenging times of the month. To find out more about that, be sure you are LinkedIn with us, or following our Pinterest boards and circles! Have a grand March folks! Until next time, love, Norah Guide.

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