I hope that you have been enjoying the blog discussion series on Mars in the houses. For those of you that are just tuning in, this blog discussion will help you get to know what you need in love, and what your partner needs as well. Women in particular can learn a lot about their Mars placement, as this will tell them what kind of man they will be best suited to, and will best meet their needs. Men can learn from their Mars placement as well, as it will show them where they excel best in love. What does Mars have to say about you? If it is in the 7th, 8th, or 9th house, you will find out today! Let’s have a look.

Mars in the 7th House

If you have Mars in the 7th house then you look at love like a game of power play. One of the partners must have the final say in your relationships, and in your case, it should be you. In work you excel in these types of relationships as well, such as in sales, as a prosecutor, or an attorney. You like people that are not wishy washy and able to make decisions quickly. There’s a natural authority about you that can be very charming, so long as you don’t come across as over bearing.

Mars in the 8th House

When Mars is in the 8th house the house of transformation you will have special considerations. Mars in the 8th is actually a very atypical aspect, due to the very nature of the house itself, but if Mars shows up here it is a statement in itself. The 8th house will deepen your emotions and bring passion to areas where most people don’t see it. The 8th house loves to love and does so deeply. Energy that is sexual in nature will be openly expressed, if you have a partner with Mars in the 8th you will be very spoiled indeed. This is a mysterious house, one not unlike the personality traits of Scorpio, and so keep that in mind if you or your partner has this secretive and sexually charged Mars placement.

Mars in the 9th House

Whatever you are passionate about, you are very focused if you have Mars in the 9th. So much so that some will say you have tunnel vision. When you are fighting for a cause you fight to the end, you have the kind of partner that might complain about your long hours at work because you don’t give in until you win. When you are in an argument you won’t stop until you feel heard, but when you are good you won’t let go just as hard. But emotions don’t play a huge role for you, you have a tendency to be fact oriented and take a more realistic and logical approach to life, even to your romantic affairs.

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