Happy June my friends, I hope you all have an exciting summer planned! If not, please come to my About Me page where you will see I want to help your inner rose blossom this month. If you have been saving up a wish omen for a special occasion, or are simply waiting for that perfect cosmic time to send your dream out into the universe, I am going to help you this month by celebrating Rose Month all month long all over my blogs and social media platform. Head on over to my About Me page for more details, but you can also find the news on my Facebook page, Pinterest boards, Twitter page, and Google+ page. It’s an exciting month ahead! And so today here I am going to help you launch all of those wishes you want to come true this rose month by discussing the importance of the wish and dream journal. So let’s get to it!

If you follow my Tumblr blog or any of my blog discussion series on dreams, then you have heard me discuss a dream journal before. This is exactly what it sounds like. A place to store all of your hopes and dreams. Writing them down is very important, because it not only helps you keep track of your dream enlightenment, but also helps you identify key issues and symbols that could help you in your day to day life.

A wish journal is no different. If you really want to harness the true magical power of a wish, then keeping track of them will help enhance that power. Wishes are not just a matter of flight and fancy, their legends and folklore are thousands of years old in some cases. If they worked for someone thousands of years ago, who is to say your wish will not work today? Nobody. Keeping track of what you are wishing for is a powerful way to really make those wishes come true.

Why? Putting pen and inking your wish sends a very clear message to the universe. It says, I mean business about this. I really want this to manifest in my life. Make it happen. The more faithful you are to your wish, the more the universe understands your intent. This is why I say, having the truest intent will also help you in your wish.

You already know this because subconsciously you wish for the same thing over and over and over again until you get your wish granted, right? Then you start wishing for something else in your life. When you write that wish down in your dream journal, you simply lessen the amount of time it takes for that wish to happen. Writing it down sends a very clear and direct message to your subconscious that creates your life, and to the universe that manifests it. Make sense? And if writing your wishes down is all it takes to help them come true faster, why wouldn’t you do it?

Exactly. So start jotting those down and join us across the Norah Guide Social Media Platform all June long and please do let me know when, not if, your dreams come true. Happy wishing friends, Love, Norah