The astrology of good luck and good timing

The current movement of the planets causes reverberations in your natal astrology chart as the planets interact with the positions where the sky was illuminated at the moment of your birth.  These movements, called transits, comprise a hidden code of timing, enabling those in possession of this information to seize the moment and create a more positive life. With a transit guide written using Norah the Astrologer’s expertise, wisdom and insight, you can take advantage of key opportunities for career and romance.

A Glimpse of Future Happiness

What if you could see into the future, with advance knowledge letting you know about periods of luck when you are more likely to receive promotions or new job offers, to re-kindle the flames of romance with your current partner or when the Universe will send new romantic possibilities your way?  Having this kind of insight into the future will enable you to prepare and position yourself to reap the full benefits of all the gifts the universe is prepared to shower upon you.  You may have felt in the past that your life did not reflect your true potential—this is your opportunity to change that, your opportunity to truly shine!

Plus 6 Free E-Books

Norah understands that one key to holding onto the luck offered by these periods of positive change is permitting your inner wisdom to blossom at the same time that love and fortune flow to you.  That is why your transit guide will arrive along with six free e-books:  Understanding the Astral Influences of the Zodiac; The Art of Astrology; Accessing Your Higher Self with Tarot Cards; Numerology to Uncover the Secrets to Success; Mastering the Ancient Art of Palmistry and 101 Power Moves to Unleash Your Inner Power.

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